About Us

AcrossWorld Education (AWE) is an international education company that empowers institutions, educators, and students with the ability to maximize the the resources available to them in the digital age. Through our products and partnerships, we are accelerating the evolution of learning through the next generation of shared content.

Our mission is to advance the shifting model of teaching and learning by enabling cost-effective innovation in the classroom, as learning evolves away from the linear process that has bogged down education. The rise of digital content has presented educators with the opportunity to become facilitators, allowing students to experience and explore knowledge firsthand.

AcrossWorld Education enables the new knowledge economy by evolving platforms to find & discover, collaborate, and continuously improve upon Open Content and Open Educational Resources (OER). SaaS-based technology and a commitment to improving the support pillars of knowledge management and resource discovery are at the core of our philosophy and methodology. Through products such as EducationBridge, we connect educators, students, and institutions, bringing a limitless but organized cache of the best possible resources to a centralized online environment.

We invite you to learn more about our Products and Services, and to visit our our White Papers section to learn more about the issues facing educators and those surrounding Open Educational Resources.